Denon AH-D2000 , amp, sound-quality.


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Aug 10, 2019
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I saw that one guy had already started a thread about an amp for these headphones, but my questions are a bit different.

Two months ago i bought the Denon AH-D2000-phones, and so far im not extremely happy with them,

Has anyone here experienced the same problem and got some kind of wow-experience from buying a headphone-amp?

If i should try to explain what is a bit off with these headphones, i would say that it sounds muddy and unclear, if you understand how i mean, weak in a way.

I asked a hi-fi store that takes care of Denon-questions in my country, and they suggested that i´d come in and test with my phones - but it does not seem correct to do that either, because they have audio-devoted stuff all the way, so if the amp i can test there is played through an expensice dac or cd-player, isnt the amp-test contamineted and would not show accurate results of what i might hear at home? Plus, they are a store, of course they want me to buy this and that.

That is why im asking you here in the forum, because civil people with nothing to sell & earn are honest about products real quality - you are the real experts.

I have read a few reviews from What Hi-Fi? , but as they gave "Sennheiser HD 202" 5 stars, i am not certain that i can trust them entierly, because i did not like the phones that much. I know it´s the price/performance ratio that counts, but for me it is not good enough that it´s good for it´s price - a 5-star product should be extremely good what ever the price.

AKG Quincy Jones 701 seems good, anyone knows?

I know that it´s important to test everything, but im having huge difficulties to get to the hi-fi store and try, because i have no car, i hate the bus and if i get there i would be too stressed to trust my own judgement.

That was all i think, i hope i expressed myself clear - my english might be as muddy as my phones.

Kisses & Hugs!


Sorry for dual posts here, but i forgot to mention that i use the front headphone-input on my computer,and it is wired to my Asus Xonar soundcard.

The files i use are either flac or wav, i play it with the asio-plugin as many recommend. The ripping-program is always EAC with the "right" settings according to forums.


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Feb 22, 2010
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I've only listened to them instore, but they were far from unclear/muddy, albeit being closed back they weren't as clear and open as, er, open back headphones at the same price.

As a generalization, I've found a headphone amp, even a portable one, has brought significant improvements to my iPod output or computer headphone jack, although I don't have a specialized soundcard. Even better using a combined DAC/headphone amp so the digital to analogue conversion isn't handled by my computer.

It might be worth taking the 'phones into the store just to hear what they are capable of. If your computer is a laptop you could take it in with you to try and recreate what you could do at home.

Otherwise you might just be looking for a different sound to what the Denons can provide and maybe you need some open backed headphones instead.


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