Delicate Sound of Thunder - Pink Floyd


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Jul 23, 2008
Now personally I am noy a great fan of Live albums.......however being a fan of Pink Floyd and having been recommended this album by a couple of people, I thought I would keep my eyes open for a copy.

Last week I successfully won a bid for this album on a well known auction site........I paid £7.00 for it + £3.00 postage. The album was stated as excellent condition.

Got in to work this morning and there it was waiting for me.......quickly opened it in eagerness of wanted to see what I purchased........The album cover is in what I would consider OK condition.....there are two rips on each of the gatefold sleaves which mean that the inner sleeve and album do tend to protrude a litte when on it's side. however the vinyl looked in good condition with no obvious blemishes or scratches to any of the four sides.

Finally got home and it's now spinning on the TT........all I can say is WOW.......the vinyl itself is indeed in excellent condition and plays perfectly with just minor background noise (which isn't audible when there is music playing). The sound quality and production of this album is A1 and there are no audible pops or crackles on the playing surface.

Personally I think I have got a bargain at just over £10.00 because I have seen most of these on EBay going for £20 +

Needless to say I'm very happy at the moment :)


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