DC Servo Motor Replacement on Vintage Turntable


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Nov 19, 2019
Hello Masters,

I have an old Technics SL-1500 MK1 turntable which I got from my grandpa years back. Planned to revive it, so I brought it to a local audio repair shop to check why the platter isn't spinning. According to them, it's irreparable because the DC Servo Motor needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, from where I live, these motors are very hard to find. I've asked several repair shops and didn't have the parts to fix it. I have a few questions and hoping someone can shed light to bring this baby back to life...
  1. I plan to look for this particular motor online/abroad. Can anyone refer me to a site or reference where this is available?
  2. Pardon this next stupid question, but if this is indeed hard to find (or perhaps something I may never find), can you replace a DC servo motor with another type of motor? Quartz? Belt-driven assembly? or something else? Of course, this is considering the compatibility to the turntable model?
  3. Should I just forget it and let it RIP? hehe



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