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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all, recently bought 8xpdqx to replace Roksan Kandy L.III (which I think is a cracking amp), I read good reviews about the 8xp and 8xpd on What Hifi and decided on a audtion the QX version vs Naim Nait XS at the same local dealer. I thought the Cyrus was in a different class and had the sparkle and detail I was looking for. Hence i bought it without a second thought.. At this point i'll explain that it has replaced the Roksan to partner Quad 12l2 on partington super-dreadnought stands, and Arcam CD73T and a Squeezebox duet(via digital coax). All for the time being as who knows when upgraditus will attack again! I noticed that the 8xpdqx didnt have the scale and bottom end of the Roksan but beat it hands down for everything else.. problem.. I like scale and bass weight. Question: 1) will things improve as the amp 'burns in'? If so, guestimated burn in time? 2) How would an PSR-X help? the 8xp is the same as the 8xpdqx without the dac+qx, right? the review of the 8xp from what hifi says: "It's also true that other amps have greater scale, but the Cyrus' many other qualities easily make up for that. Besides, if you want the pace, detail and transparency of the 8 XP, but with extra authority, you can always take advantage of the Cyrus' upgrade potential and add a PSX-R power supply. It might take the total cost up to £1750, but it'll take much more expensive systems to the cleaners." Would a PSR-X really give me "extra authority?", and by this do they mean scale and bass weight? Finally 3) How good is the Dac in a 8xpdqx? is it on par with the latest 8 series CD player (not the dac-less transport)? I've rambled on a bit.. anyone got any ideas?

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
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A PSXR will improve things, although don't expect a night and day difference. Give your amp a few weeks to settle down, then get your dealer to let you take a PSXR home to try out in your system and see what you think as it might just do the trick for you. I know it's more, but I'd also see if he'll loan you an X Power - I did a demo today using it and it was really giving a pair of B&W CM8's what for. It was the most impressive performer when pitched up against an Audioab 8200P and ATC P1, having a more immediate, engaging sound.


Cheers for the response David.. Have you/anyone heard 8xpdqx biamped with an X Power VS 8xpdqx with 2 Mono Xs? whats the difference? which one would give me the trademark Cyrus sound, but with a little more scale, depth and authority.. I like all kinds of music..

Also anyone recommend a good pair of bookshelfs that'll give me what i'm after?


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