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Controlling a Linn DS-I with an iPad?


New member
Sep 3, 2010
I am about to have a Linn DS-I installed in the house, I would like to control the amp and NAS using an iPad.

I have already installed Chorus HD on the iPad. What would I need to get the iPad talking to the NAS and DS-I? A router?

I did want to have it on a seperate network and not on the main wireless network which is my sisters, I also don't want to have my pc on all the time when streaming music. I have a WD My Book 2tb drive ready but I am at a loss on where to go from here, Linndocs just got me confused.

Please help me

Go on, pretty please?

John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
Hm. If you don't want your PC on all the time, I'm not sure the Mybook is the thing you need - can you let me know precisely which one it is, I will check its specs and get back to you?

On the main point, though - yes, you need to create a new wireless network. Bit of a pain though as you'll need to add another router (don't think there are any out there which will allow you to create two networks), and it will be very useful to have that network connected to the internet, which means splitting the signal from your modem - this may not even be possbile if your sister has a combined modem/router. Why do you want to avoid using the existing network?


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Sep 3, 2010
Well JD it's a little complicated, it's only a temporary arrangement as I hope to be moving into my own place at the end of the year so I wanted a seperate network that I could leave it as intact ready for the move and I wouldn't have to set it up again. I don't know when I will be connected to the internet when I move either so I really wanted something that would not be internet dependant for a while and yet still be able to listen to the music on the NAS and hopefully control the Linn with the iPad.

Complicated? That's my middle name.

The NAS is the WD My Book World Edition II, as recomended by the dealer who is going to install the Linn as he says it already has Twonky installed. I think the model number is WD20000H2NC-00 as listed on the bottom of the box. If needed I have a wireless router for when I do move, it's a Netgear wireless N modem router, I think it's model number is DGNB2100. Would I be able to use it as a seperate network that is not connected to the internet?

As you can tell, I am quite new to all this and going greyer and balder by the day trying to work out what I need to set everything up.


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May 1, 2008
Head over to the official Linn forums - they have everything you need and Linn engineers often lend a (electronic) hand and are very helpful.

You'll also discover the iPad can control the DS through the Chorus DS app - apparently DS owners think it's the best DS interface yet. The forums should answer your questions.


Hi Juxter,

If I were you I'd forget about splitting your sister's network as it sounds like an unnecessary complication with no real benefit. As long as she's happy with you using her network, just use it until you move out. Once you've moved out you can set up your own network with your Netgear router.

I've got a Linn Sneaky DS and I originally had it set up as follows:

Sneaky DS in lounge, plugged straight into my BT Homehub which was plugged straight into a phone socket. I had a Buffalo Linkstation Duo NAS attached to the router which streamed my tunes to the DS.

After a few days of listening I got a bit annoyed with the noise the NAS and the router made, so I moved them upstairs and now have my system set up as follows:

Upstairs: BT Homehub plugged into phone socket. QNAP TS-110 NAS attached to BT Homehub (the Buffalo's search menus were rubbish, so I swapped it for the QNAP which has Twonky pre-installed and I'm so glad I made the switch!) Devolo DLAN 200 homeplug plugged into the mains socket and the BT Homehub.

Downstairs: Devolo DLAN 200 homeplug plugged straight into the DS. The homeplugs are amazing. They basically use your mains electricity cables and 'turn them into' a wired internet connection. Now I've got no more NAS or router noise in my lounge and the set up works like a dream.

I use Chorus HD on my iPad and Chorus DS on my iPhone. Its so straightforward and logical to use and has never failed me yet.

In short all you need to do to get up and running is either connect your DS and NAS into a router, or plug it into the router via a homeplug set up like I've done.

I was a bit daunted before I first set my system up, but its actually a breeze when you get down to it.

Good luck!




New member
Sep 3, 2010
Well, the DS-I got installed today and I am so impressed with it's ease of use and sound.

Controlling the Linn with an iPad turned our to be very simple, The only thing I had to get was a wireless cable router and just not attach the modem. It's all on a seperate network which is what I wanted.

I have to say a big hats off to the Sound Gallery in High Wycombe for making it all work so effortlessly ans showing me how to fit everything up.

Now for years of fun with my entire music collection all in one easy to use package and far more compact than my previous set up.

Even my mum and sister are impressed with it.



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