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Oct 8, 2007
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A mate of mine is considering two Panasonic LCDs (I dont know the model numbers, but im hoping thats not relevant here). One is £650.00 the other is £750/800. The contrast on the cheaper one is 7000, and 8500 on the more pricey. They appear to be the same in pretty much every other respect. The question, therefore, is, is it worth the money for the extra contrast...? I dont have an lcd, nor do i understand much about all the technicalities, so im not able to advise him much myself.


I would not use the contrast figures to buy a TV.

Some of the sets that I have seen have a very high contrast figure, the blacks look grey, and the picture looks pants.

Use all the spec, like the number of HDMI inputs, and the screen resolution - 1080p or not.

But most of all stand in front of the tv and see if you like it. Try to find a store that has a group of tv's with the same signal to all the sets. Tesco up the road from me does this, its a great way to compare the picture quality of about 20 tv's. You can't compare tv's against each other when they have got different types of signal input.


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