Connecting Subwoofer to amp with q acoustics 1050... HELP!


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Aug 10, 2019
Went into a superfi store today to demo the q acoustics 1050 which I was looking to buy to replace my mission m74i. I thought the 1050 were excellent speakers for the money and had a much better sounding top end and mid then the mission but the bass just didnt go very low. On paper the specs for both speakers say they can go down to 44hz but the mission seem to be alot more bassy (not sure if this is because they are rear ported).

I have come home and had another listen and I think im going to buy the 1050 but may need to add a subwoofer later. The amp I have is a technics su-a900mk2 and im wondering, if the subwoofer has speaker level in can I connect the B channel of my amp to this? So I woud be running the 1050 on the A channel and the subwwofer on the B channel. Also will this strain the amplifier? its 90 wpc.

Also has anyone else had a listen to the 1050 and if so what did you think? I was considering another pair of mission but anything better would be at least £100 more expensive and I have not heard many good things about the lower end mission of these days.

Come on people someone must have the answers!


You wouldn't use the AB outputs.

You would need to run speaker cable from the A binding posts to the subs hi-level inputs, then from the subs hi-level out run cable to your speakers, daisy chain style.


I had my BK XLS200 delivered on tuesday and very happy with it. With this sub, i had to wire it up using the AB channels (like you said) but most subs you wire in the way that Octopo said.. The manufacturer will inform you of the most suitable way to fit it in your system, just check before you buy! ;)

just a lil thing too.. wiring the sub up using the different speeker channels can be pretty useful as it saves having to turn the sub off if you temp want to run the setup with less bass, as you can just turn off the individual channels.



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