conections for DVD player/TV/surround amp trying to work out the best way.


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This is for the is for the second set up in the bed room and i am a bit confused. Starting with the source i have the 2 digi outs (optical and coax) and component, S-vhs and normal video and audio (and HDMI but non of the other parts have that so..)The Amp has all of the above so if i get it right component for the picture and one of the digi for the sound?Now for the picture to the TV, the TV has DVI ,S-vhs and Video in (and a scart).So i guess the best in for the picture is the S-vhs? or can i use the DVI some how? Considering that the Amp only has the same outs as ins. Or should i say sod it and just connect the DVD and TV direct and have the sound only from the DVD to the amp?I feel i will end up with S-vhs to the TV direct and Digi to the Amp but i was wondering if there was anything better?

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May 30, 2007
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No sure I did - think Andy Kerr may have done so in another thread. For the TV connection you could also use an HDMI cable plus an HDMI-to-DVI adapter, but I'd go with an HDMI/DVI lead if possible.


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