Combined Amp/5.1/CD Player/DVD Player/DAB/FM Radio


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Aug 10, 2019
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Several years ago I bought a set of BOse Acoustimass 10 speakers and paired it with a Denon all in one Amp/5.1/CD Player/DVD Player/FM Radio. I have been extremely pleased with the Bose speakers but the Denon unit has been desperaltely unreliable and has been back to Denon several times for repair.

It has given up the ghost today and I finally feel it is time to replace it. I would welcome any suggestions as to what would be the best unit to buy that was a jack of all (CD/DVD/5.1/FM(and possibly DAB)) unit. In an ideal world I have a budget of £400 - £600, but would consider slightly more for the right product.I would appreciate any feedback and would consider all brands (including Denon, as when it did work it was fabulous!). Thank you.


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