CM series placement


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Feb 22, 2011
So I am about to shamelessly knock through my chimney to make a through lounge (for the sake of surround) and now I am faced with this question.
Shall I reposition my speakers? At the moment I have the CM8’s 3ft either side of my screen and my listening position is 7-8ft away from the fronts. The DS3 dipoles are mounted on the walls to the sides of me .
Shall I reposition myself, so Instead of using the width of the room (as above) I use the length and give myself roughly a 12ft distance from the fronts.

As for the dipoles - my couch is against the wall so they are 2ft above my head but only 20 cms from the wall.

If I reposition them (using length of the room) I will have one speaker 20 cms clear from the rear wall and then other dipole clear of any wall! I worry it will unbalance the rears

So basically stick to the width of the room (2ft off wall for dipoles) or switch and have one dipole close to the rear wall and the other clear of any wall.
What do you guys think! 

I am standing by with the mallet as we speak!


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