Classical music box set: Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields 60th Anniversary edition


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May 16, 2008
Back in January I pre-ordered this box set through Amazon in Germany. It finally arrived last week. I paid just over EUR 93 for it, including delivery. It works out at about EUR 1,55 per disc. It's a very wide range of music from Baroque to 20th Century giants like Strawinsky, Vaughn Williams and Britten.
It's a really nice set. Remarkable engineering back in the 1960s for some of the best recorded string sound I've ever heard. A few of the discs I have as Argo LPs from the 1960s, inherited from my parents. The CD sound is excellent compared to the LPs.

A list of all the works included in the box can be found here:

I have been ripping the CD's into the iTunes library for a couple of days now (on and off). It's quite annoying that some discs (8 so far) are not in the CDDB database connected to iTunes. This means titling by hand. For other I've been using XLD to rip the CDs which connects to a different database and has been able to retrieve titles for 5 discs so far. It's strange that UMG (Decca) didn't add the titles to the database.

For ripping CDs to put them in the iTunes library on the Mac (I haven't upgraded to macOS Catalina yet so I still have iTunes) I use iTunes, rip to Apple Lossless with error correction on. That usually works fine. For the discs with titling errors I check with XLD first and then do a secure rip.

Anyone into classical music: there are great deals around for box sets and I reckon this is a very good one. Especially because some of the discs are not available through streaming services.
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