Changing devices and their sound in one step ?


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Sep 21, 2007
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With the equipment i have (listed below) plus a Sky+ box, is it possible to change my sound source on the amp, eg, dvd, and get the tv to switch automatically to dvd input, as i currently have to select these seperately. My amp is cabled for sound via digital cables from my sky box and dvd. I have unused video ports on the amp, which i suspect may answer my question, but i'm unsure as to what cables i need and where to connect to get this working. Cheers for any info


I recommend getting a Logitech Harmony remote. It will set each component correctly for one of several "activities". An activity can be "Watch DVD" - click that button and the remote sets up the TV input, the amp and the DVD. Or select "Watch TV" and the DVD would be turned off, TV switched to the sky input the sky box turned on etc....

You can get one for around 50 quid.


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