Central Channel or Subwoofer first? 5.1 and 5.1.2 Atmos


Nov 2, 2020
Hi all,

At first sorry if my English is not that good but it is not my native language.

I am equipping myself to get a decent sound system. It takes time due to expense spreading (I buy an element about every 6 months). Today I have:
- Yamaha AV Receiver RX A880
- 2 front Diatone speaker DS201 - very old ones bought second hands and refurbished by myself – I know this may be considered as bookshelf speakers but it does the job in my opinion for the moment.
- 2 rear Dali Oberon 1
- Streamer able to do DDHD/Atmos (Nvidia Shield 2019) and of course streaming platform having atmos mixed music
(- for cinema, I have a BenQ W1070 projector, a bit old now)

The purpose of all of that is of course to have at the end a whole 5.1.2 to be able to use a real Atmos system especially nowadays that music mixing starts to use atmos (even on my 4.0 I can tell the difference and it sounds great with Atmos mixed music).

The ceiling speakers will wait a bit as I am renting my place for now, so the next element will be either a central channel (Dali Oberon Vokal) or a subwoofer (Dali E9-F).

As I am leaving in an apartment I tend to think that a central channel will be more relevant (cannot play loud bass anyway cause of the neighborhood). However, if I can see the benefit of having a central channel for Cinema, does somebody has an experience using atmos music with the central channel? Is the mixing good and is it worth getting a central channel over a subwoofer in this case if my priority is music?

Hope I have been clear enough.

Thank you all in advance!
You've got to get a centre speaker before subwoofer. A subwoofer no doubt will make a massive difference to your movie watching experience, but a centre speaker is important for better dialogue intelligibility. I can't comment on Atmos music with centre channel.


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