CD Player & Headphone amps


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Aug 10, 2019
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For a bit of private listening I have a pair of Sennheiser HD555 'phones plugged directly into an ancient Technics SL PG500A. I now want something a bit better and am considering a Cyrus CD6s with a dedicated headphone amp. The choice sems to be Musical Fidelity's X-cans, Creek OBH21SE or (pricier) the Graham Slee. Which do you think would pair best with the Cyrus. I listen to pretty mixed music, predomonantly classical & opera.


Hello , I just wondered if you bought a Headphone Amp if so which one and what do you think?


Hello, and thank you for your reply; an interesting & helpful site.

I bought the Musical Fidelity X-Can v.3.

A very well constructed and attractive unit, but that is secondary to the wonderful sound. As recommended, I leave it powered-on most of the time, and although it sounded good straight out of the box, it definitely improved over time. It is now a very warm sound with wonderfully clear depth, revealing so much more in virtually all CDs I play. I'm forever saying 'I never heard that before', whether it is a great live recording of Figaro (Monteverdi Choir, Gardiner), The Good, The Bad & The Queen or The Wall. With no CD playing, or between tracks, it is absolutely silent. I am extremely pleased with it and can't speak highly enough of my dealer, The Audiofile Objective in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire.