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Cambridge vs Marantz

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Sep 21, 2007
Clare Newsome:
As for your particular set-up - the Marantz 6002 pairing sound great with the B&W 685s. Would the system benefit from even more power? Yes, as those B&Ws are flexible enough to be used with higher-end electronics, so a better amp is a good upgrade. Would the extra money over the PM6002 be better spent on really solid stands that'll make the best of the B&Ws' bass performance? Something else to consider... If you can spend on both, brilliant!

Would you also, as has already been suggested to me, spend the extra £125 and go for the 7001 amp over the 6002 (despite the fact that it had a lower star rating in your tests) ? And as you say that source is the key, would you rate the SA7001 over the CD6002, at an extra cost of £150 ?

I've already sorted a pair of Soundstyle Z2 speaker stands for the B+W 685's.

John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
I just wrote a big long reply to that and I got a network error - ******.

I'll summarise - given budget amp and speakers, I have found spending loads on a CD player gives you (me) little benefit. Spending a load on an amp and speakers gave me very obvious improvement, which is where I spent my money.

I could happily live with the PM7001 in my system, and the only reason I don't is because I think Primare look better - sad but true. And I think £195 for it ex-dem is a bargain.



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