CA Azur speaker match


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello All

Looking at getting a new CA Steam Magic 6 and 651A amp combo and was wondering if anyone has any speaker matching suggestions?

Ideally after bookshelf/standmounts with a budget and performance appropriate to the other components so I guess that's in the £400 - £700 range.

I understand the amp is a little slow and loose in the bass, at least that's what I understand 'Tubby' to mean, and wondering if there's a set of speakers out there that can somehow tighten things up.

Would consider adding a sub if it would get the results.

Thanks in advance



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Dec 8, 2010
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Unfortunately I don't have a reccomendation specifically, other than to probably stay away from Kef. I'm by no means saying that all of them are naturally bright, but in my experience the two inherantly "sparkly" top ends of both Kef and CA tend to make for a pretty painful top end when combined. Just my opinion of course . .

John Duncan

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My speakers sound great on the end of them, and I wouldn't call the combo 'tubby', except when placed inappropriately (and that's more a factor of the speaker design than anything). I've tried my Diamond 9.1s and they sound great as well so you're probably looking for something in between the two :)

I got my PMCs ex-dem within your budget, but failing that I suspect Tannoy and Rega would be a good match in that price range. Probably worth hearing some KEFs as well but can't speak for them.

As a wild card, everybody is raving about the Neat IOTAs and am considering a pair for a second zone...