Buffalo Terastation Via router to Audiolabs DAC controlled via app


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May 25, 2011
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This seems to be a cheap and accessible way to get high quality audio files (in lossless) over to Audiolabs 8200CD DAC via USB.
Dont know what operating system can be used on the always on server which can store these lossless files.
I was thinking an audio player on the NAS to be always running - something that supports high quality.
And having this controlled via an app on ipod touch or android device.

This provides excellent sound quality/options and configurability for such a small price.
Anyone explored this option, what are the results.


No reactions so far, maybe that the setup is not clear.

Your suggestion is a long USB cable from NAS to AMP and a NAS with a software music player??

I think it would be more logical to have an iTunes library on the NAS near your router, and and airplay express as (optical) input to the AMP, controlled by the touch to stream the music. But hey, I am not even an Apple person.

A dedicated (cheap) mediaplayer like WDigital, ACRyan etc would be an alternative.