Boxed V Seperates Help!


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi There,

Been looking to overhaul my current home cinema for a completely new system with BluRay but have a few questions as until now have just had a very basic Sony Home Cinema in a box.

Keeping My Pioneer 43in Plasma (PDP 436 SXE)but it only has 1 HDMI input. Will also have Sky HD to add to the mix. Have 2 options I'm seriously looking at, but am open to suggestions and insight into your wealth of experience!!

Looking at the Samsung HT-BD2 recently reviewed on here, looks good with 7.1 and this supports HD sound formats too. I assume (Maybe wrongly) that i would need a HDMI switching unit due to this and Sky HD, but do these not reduce quality/are they recommended? If not how do I get around the HDMI connectivity problem?

The other option was totally overspending my budget (about 700) and buying seperates. Looking at the reviews on here and think the Onkyo TX-SR506, Q Acoustics 1010i system, possibly the Sony BDP-S300, stands, brackets cable etc can be bought for around 1000. As ive never done this before I have a few questions regarding rigging it up...Does the Sky HD HDMI and BluRay HDMI just go into the Onkyos HDMI inputs, then 1 Onkyo output to the HDMI on the TV, solving my problem of 1 HDMI input on the TV? Also I read the Onkyo 506 does not support HD sound formats, does this make a big difference?

It would be a big overspend comparing the two systems, would it be money well spent??!!

Room is approx 16ftx15ft with the TV to be wall mounted centrally. I would also like to be able to connect my IPod the chosen system. The system will be for a mixture of movies and music.

Advice, suggestions and criticism all welcome!

Thanks in Advance!


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Jun 30, 2008
i was in the same situation as you but i had a ps3 for blu rays and a £1000.00 buget and decided to buy seperates bought a 606 amp for £360 quad lites for £430 thats if you can find them much better sub than the q acoustics. Speaker stands and cable total cost £1000.00 . You might be able to get a 606 and kef2005.2 still for around £700.00 and buy a blu ray player, just use one hdmi into the amp for dvd and one for sky connect the amp to yoyr tv with another job done buget system 506 and jamo a102hcs5 for less than £450 Or maybe wait a while and see the new offerings from sony new all inone and new range of amps.