Bose AM10 series 2 question


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Aug 10, 2019
Thought i may throw this question to everybody on the slim chance somebody has an answer, For a bit of fun i am going to re-purpose a Bose speaker system.

Bose model is an acoustimass 10 series ii (5 little cubes and 1 sub module. This is a PASSIVE setup, not active like the newer ones. At my disposal i also have an old (maybe 10 years, think prologic II vintage) Onkyo 5 channel (75 watts * 5) integrated.

What i want to do is use this in my study as just 2 channel (Less clutter i dont want 5 cubes and its just 2 channel music from a computer, not even using a DAC), i know the bass module has 3 x drivers inside, but what i would like to know is....

- What driver is being used by what input ? (eg 1 mid/bass driver is for L&R, one for Center and one for the rear ?)
- How would be best to wire this for 2 channel operation ?

(No i did not pay for the bose so you can save all the suggestiosn i buy something else, i am just now investing in a new music system but i figured i could put some spare parts to better use rather than ebay/craigslist where i probably could not give the stuff away)



Solution has been found...

Sold Bose system will find either some used (very difficult in this country to get reasonable prices) or new speakers for my study. May keep the amp though, should do ok for a system in the study.


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