Bookshelf Speakers Budget £280-300, Need Some Advice.


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Aug 12, 2007
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I am looking to upgrade from my (slightly out of date now) Kef Cresta 2. Are house is a new style house so in my bedroom i have two dry lined walls which my speakers, amp, and PJ screen is on. Now am looking for something forward facing ports to stop the booming from the wall. I listen to all sorts of music really, From Coldplay to hardcore metal stuff and everything in between. So am looking for something thats going to have deep base and a good midrange at lowish volume levels. My budget is TOP LINE £280! as am skint at the mo. I have been looking at the Kef iQ1's, MA Bronze BR2s (am going to listen to this on Tuesday) BTW driving them is a Teac AH300, Will the Bronze BR2 work good with this amp?. Thanks Luke


I'm using KEF IQ3's (which come in just about £280) and they are very good.
Some magazines give the IQ1 a better rating and I believe KEF have just launched the IQs series which means you either get better speakers for your money or you stand a chance of picking up the older model that bit cheaper.


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