Blu-ray player with netflix and will decode all files?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hey not sure if I am asking to much from a blu-ray player, but looking for one to act as a WD TV Live.

I need a blu-ray player, and dont fancy buying them both just for netflix.

I need the Blu-ray player to decode all files that the WD TV Live will, Most important MKV and M2TS, and needs to read Dolby and DTS.

I have up to around 100.00 ish.

Someone mentioned the samsung BD-D5300 but cant see it will decode all I need it to.

Thanks so much.


Hey bigboss, there is still no uk sales on this.

Seen a forum were some guy paid 270.00 from hong kong, and he advised it doesnt play have his files, even though it states it does.

Too much of a risk for such a large amount.

There must be something wrong with it, if its not being sold in the USA or the UK.