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Blocks of Ice.


New member
Aug 10, 2019
The design inspiration for Canadian HiFi...

I'm just curious to know how much Canadian gear people in the UK own, see, know about. It's very prevalent over here unsurprisingly. British kit is number one, canadian sales appear to come in second and the the venerable american tanks hold third spot as far as what I see in shops and people's homes. (that's an ad hoc tally done in my head mind you)

The Canadian taste for chunky/blocky/squat hifi equipment amuses me though. As a hideous hybrid of British and Canadian culture I can appreciate it on the Canadian level, as well as the hilarious reflection of Canadian tastes. Erring on the side of overkill, winter-proof, bear-resistent, off-road, all-terrain, massive hydro-electric dam style design almost without exception.



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