Best Sky+ HD Box ?


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Aug 10, 2019
I am about to upgrade to Sky+ HD. I will be using a private contactor for installation so have the opportunity to specify.

I have a preference for Pace, but I read that there have been problems of late ?

What is the consensus regarding the best Box (for picture / sound quality) that's around at the moment ? Thanks.



I now have an Amstrad box which I am pleased with. I don't know that I could say it is better than the Pace box it eventually replaced but it certainly is better than the Thomsons that were originally supplied to replace the Pace under recall. The fitter hinted that the Pace box was known to catch fire which was why they were withdrawn. It seems that Sky are using mainly Amstrad (now owned by BSkyB) but keep Samsung as a second supplier. One fitter said that there were never problems with Samsung and the other said he had replaced some so you have to decide. My experience with the Amstrad so far is that is virtually silent (more so than the Pace) and that it is fast to react to commands. It did freeze the other day and the only way I could get it to recover was by unplugging it but so far that is a one off. It is a week old tomorrow.

It is very comparible with the Pace regarding picture and sound in SD and I think it has slightly softer picture in HD but only slightly.


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Aug 25, 2008
I had aThompson which was ok, but unreliable. Then had a Pace which was excellent in every department but was recalled. I now have a Samsung which runs abit warmer than the Pace, picture is as good, but the sound is on another level to the other boxes. And you need to be about 1 inch away from the boxe to hear the fan (dead silent).


Thanks for all the comments folks. I think I am leaning more toward a Samsung box now.

I do wonder what the availablity of the Samsung box is now, as following the Pace recall it seems that the Samsung box is in great demand ??

Thanks again.


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