Best Budget Standmounters


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Oct 6, 2007
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I'm looking for some new budget standmounters to replace my tired B&W DM601 Mk1s, especially now a little relative has stoved in both tweeters!

I have always read that B&W and Rotel go together brilliantly, so have looked at the 685s to go with my Rotel RA04 (not SE), but they're a bit out of my price range, and there appears to be no value in the second hand market for them – they must be very popular!

My budget is around £250, which if you take WHF as a guide, would appear in recent months to point towards Monitor Audio BX2's, or latterly Boston A26s, but I haven't yet auditioned, and from what other bits and bobs I've been able to pick up, I wonder if these would be a little... ... well... for want of a better phrase, precise but dull? Reviews suggest excellent technical ability but perhaps lacking a little heart and soul.

So it's a dual question really. what is it in their respective sound signatures that makes everyone love Rotel and B&W as a pairing quite so much, and second, if I can't stretch to the 685s, what budget standmounters should I consider auctioning to go with my system – details below?

Oh, and a third query really, the BX2s have dominated this landscape for a while, which leads me to wonder if anything new is on the horizon, either from MA or competitors. Could we expect a shake up of the budget standmount market soon does anyone think?

System: laptop playing lossless in to HRT Music Streamer II; Rotel RA04 (not SE); Chord silverscreen in to ageing DM601s on Atacama Nexus 6's.

Taste: varied, but largely rock, alternative and guitar driven music, stretching in acoustic, less so classical or jazz.

Positioning: tricky, 30cm from back wall but proximity to corners due to chimney.