Best Bluetooth streamer


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Hi At the moment I have a Belkin mini usb adapter which send music from my pc to a Bluejay music reciever which is connected to the auxilary sockets on my amp.The sound is really quite good the only problem is that the Bluejay reciever is rechargeable and needs to be removed to be recharged,which is a bit of a pain as it will not charge and play at the same time.I have been looking at the qed uplay reciever and also one made by logitech which is a similar reciever.Could anyone recommend either of these two items or point me in another direction.Thanks :help:


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Sep 29, 2011
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For better Bluetooth audio quality, you should use a Bluetooth transmiutter and receiver chain that uses the apt-x codec.

Transmitting from a PC or iPod can be done, for example, with a Creative or Sennheiser apt-x dongle.

Receiving an apt-x signal can be done with the QED uPlay that Andy mentioned or some of the Chord range of DACs e.g. Chordette Gem. The Chord products are considerably more expensive the QED, but better IMHO. I have the Gem and it also works as a USB DAC. You may be able to get one on the bay for less than £200.

Just an additional point - some phones, tablets and speakers also have in-built apt-x so you can transmit music directly from a handheld device to active speakers without having a separate computer and amp setup.


I can recommend the uPlay - I use mine on a daily basis. It's great for when you have folks round too and they can play music from their phones at the tap of a button.