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Best all-in-one speaker


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May 25, 2016

I'm looking for a compact sized all-in-one speaker solution for a small space (300 sq ft). Main usage would be listening music from Spotify, but having the option to also listen internet radios etc. is a plus. I'm not a big fan of Bluetooth, so some sort of native connectivity is a must - Spotify Connect of course preferred. Portability or chargable battery is not necessary. In addition, good looks - and obviously sound- is important.

Budget is around ~ 200-350 euros.

One of the options is Sonos, because they're obviously very popular, easy to use and support a lot of different music sources. So Sonos Play 1 and possibly Play 3, alhlough from what I've heard the 3 is not that much better than the 1. Unfortunately Play 5 is out of my budget.

One company I had not heard before, Bluesound, is also something I was recomended. They're bit more expensive, but the smaller unit Pulse Flex would be doable. Does anyone have any opinions or experience on sound quality between Bluesound Pulse Flex vs. Sonos Play 1?

Other options I've thought about are Bose Soundtouch 10 or 20, Sony SRS X -series.

Any other input or options regarding this matter?


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Dec 22, 2006
shania176 said:

One company I had not heard before, Bluesound, is also something I was recomended.
Basically a bunch of ex-NAD employees, so that's a very good starting pedigree. If you are familiar with the NAD sound, then that's roughly what it will be like. It's hard for us to tell you what you will and will not like, but you seem to have most of the major players covered.



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