Beginning my Hi Fi adventure.


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Mar 14, 2012
Hello all.

Just thought i'd share a story from when i auditioned a Hi Fi amp.

My current situation is that i'm building my first system (so i don't have a huge budget), and i had previoudly bought the Marantz CD6004 based on a audition, reviews, and price.

The audition took place in Nottingham.

I took 9 CDs, and played a track off each of them. The last track to play on one amp was the first track played on the others, for a bit more of a direct comparison.

I 'blind tested' 3 amps in the end, Marantz PM6004, Roksan Kandy K2, and a Rotel amp of their choice.

I didn't know which amp was being used, so I could go by the sound alone, and all 3 amps were running through Kef Q500 speakers, and using my Marantz CD6004 as the source.

The first amp was very detailed, but lacked any excitement and punch in my opinion. It sounded laid back and a little flat, but still very detailed. The older tracks that i played were a little lifeless.
The second amp was detailed, and had amazing punch, depth, and sound stage, and to me, sounded fantastic. It allowed the older tracks to really shine. Maybe a little harsh on the top end, but nothing i could'nt deal with.
The third amp as very warm, a little too warm for me. The warmth seemed to cloud the finer details which were obvious in the first 2 amps.

So at the end, he asked which I liked, and I said without a doubt it was the second amp that did it for me.
He then said that I'd be saving a few pennies then. I couldn't believe it, the Marantz PM 6004 was the second amp.
The biggest surprise was the the amp I liked the least was the Roksan, which is £500 pounds more expencive than the Marantz!
It really does prove that you need to let your own ears decide what it right for you.

Now i'm looking for my first house, and once i find the right place, i'll begin looking for speakers. :)

I have also bought 2 Copperline Alpha mains leads, and a Chord interconnect.

Thanks for reading!
Marantz have done something very, very special with this amp, and I'd Recommend it to anyone who is looking at budget hi fi.


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May 4, 2008
Thanks for sharing :)

Good luck with your first move into home and hi-fi, keep us posted.


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Nov 23, 2007
The Marantz is a superb amp and I think you have taken a very sensible approach to making your choice. I hope it gives you hours of listening pleasure. Stick around to let us know how you get on!


i had just tried the CD6004/PM6004 with the new mission EX800 speakers. Just wanna know whether this speaker/amp combo is overkill since the PM6005 output is 45 watt but the EX800 rating is 50-150 watts.

thanks in advance.


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Jan 31, 2011
Can you explain what kind of Rotel are you talking about? Was it the "The first amp was very detailed, but lacked any excitement and punch in my opinion. It sounded laid back and a little flat, but still very detailed" ?

I too have the Marantz 6004 and I am thinking to pair it with B&W 684... is this a good idea? Thanks .


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