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Aug 10, 2019
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Reposted from previous thread webthunder wrote: Cheers matey Now need to decide on new AV Receiver to go with it Any recommendations? Currently got a 6 year old Denon amp, time for upgrade at same time What's your budget? Your musical preferences? Which speakers have you got? Webthunder Budget, suppose about 1k Music - well I'm a rocker at heart, so metal world plus films Speakers - I have 7 MT30's and sub

Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
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Metaller? MT30 7.1? £1k for a receiver? Are you my clone?:D

I would say check out Onkyo, I have an 875, modern equivalent is probably an 809 or something, you may be able to find an 808 going cheap as it's last year's model.

Although I don't listen to CDs though my surround system, I have many music DVDs/BDs (Dream Theater, Opeth, Pantera, Metallica, Porcupine Tree, SYL, etc, etc) and they all sound very, very good



I was at Iron Maiden at O2 in August, excellent

Do like a big of hair metal too, off to see motley crue and def leppard in december, although I am getting far too old for this :rockout:

Onkyo - will check out. Never happy how my 7.1 setup worked on the denon, I had 3 speakers at the "rear", it never seemed to set it as centre rear and left/right center. Shape lounge warranted the attempt

KDL55HX923 just ordered, hence thinking about upgrade.