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Aug 10, 2019
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I have recently got a new av reciever (onkyo tx-sr 605) and have attached all the devices (ps3, skyhd,) except my dvd player via hdmi. As there are only 2 hdmi inputs i wa wondering what would be be the best way to connect my dvd player. It is a samsung dvd hd870 so ideally needs to be connected by its hdmi for it to upscale. I have therefore attched it to my tv (sony kdl32 d3000) which has 3 hdmi sockets and just use it with the tv's speakers. i tried linking a cheap optical lead to the onky but the only optical input available was the cd (although the other one wasnt being used its the game/tv one which is being used by the ps3 hdmi input) and when i selected cd ..the volume was really low (i needed to crank volume right up just to hear it) Basically is there a better way of connecting this? have i missed something??

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Surely the receiver can take sound from your PS3 via HDMI, which will save you one optical input. Just go into the set-up menu of the PS3 and reconfigure it to deliver digital audio via HDMI.

Try using an electrical digital connection between the DVD player and receiver. Use the player's audio set-up menu

to select digital out bitstream, MPEG-2 digital out bitstream, DTS on, dynamic compression off, PCM downsampling off.


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