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Aug 10, 2019
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Witch tweeter is better?
Aurum Cantus AST30130 Aero Striction Tweeter 276-444
Aurum Cantus G1 Ribbon Tweeter 276-420
I see that Aurum Cantus AST30130 Aero Striction Tweeter is more expensive, and has better low end extension, but its not made of ribbon? That's what confuses me..

this is what i found
"However, after many decades (and countless product failures), we have learned that conventional long flat ribbons are to be avoided (even if they look impressive).
Instead use many tiny collocated ribbons, working in unison.Some describe them as sandwich, bellows, folded or accordion ribbons."
So, if i understand correctly, Aero Striction Tweeter is superior to normal ribbon tweeter?


I like that the AST tweeter has crossing as low as 1.000hz, that's what i like the most about it! But i don't really know the difference between the classical ribbon tweeters (G1) and AST tweeters (AST30130)? I also see that Aurum Cantus uses the AST in their best and most expensive speakers (NEW GRAND SUPREME, original GRAND SUPREME uses G1) so i assume that it is their top of the line tweeter? I see by the picture comparison that AST is much wider than g1, so i assume that's why it has a much lower Recommended minimum crossover frequency: 1,000 Hz, in comparison to g1 which has Recommended minimum crossover frequency: 2,000 Hz, and that's what i really like about AST over the G1, it can be used as a partial midrange, with the right crossover. AST G1 What i don't understand is how NEW GRAND SUPREME can have Frequency Response 25Hz-40kHz when AST goes only to 22khz? That's whats bugging me over the G1, the G1 has freq response that goes as high as 40khz, so it can be used even as a super tweeter. cheers