AudioPro A36 + C-Sub - Good settings?


Dec 29, 2020
Hi, i bought the A36 with a C-Sub some days ago for my TV.
I am not really good with audio stuff but it seemed like a good value for the money (like 950 usd i believe it landed on, and this was with a HDMI cable and a speaker cable for the subwoofer which they said i needed but as far as i could tell there wasn't anyway to even use it and it already came with one, the cable i bought was like 1 rca -> 2 rca if that make sense).

So i currently have the speaker connected to the TV via HDMI ARC, which i assume works like toslink would essentially.
And the subwoofer is connected via the cable i got with it, i think it's simply a RCA male to male.
And well the speakers themselves are connected with the appropriate colors (red in the red etc), never connected speaker cables like that before so that was interesting with the screw mechanism.

Now the speakers doesn't seem to be that difficult to setup, there's isn't really any settings to worry about i think.
But for the subwoofer there's 3 notches, Phase, Crossover and Level/Input.
My understanding is that the last one is basically the power, but it's kinda hard to determine it cause if i turn it i think it loops around so i can't really tell what level it's on,
just that it basically "turns off" eventually.

The Phase and Crossover is beyond me, Phase to me just seems like you make it out of sync or something, which i guess is a thing?
Crossover i thought was when audio from the Left or Right interfere with the other (so audio from the Left leaks to the Right or something).

So as you can see my understanding is very very basic and if possible i would like some help with tuning it to get the best sound out of it.
I have had all speakers play for quite a while as they said they needed to be "driven in" (not sure what it's called), i heard this for headphones as well but i don't know if it's truly a thing or a myth, but as it's gonna be played anyway it doesn't really matter i guess, but i hope they are in their best shape.

Any suggestions is appreciated, and if there's some reference to go by that helps as well.