Audiolab 8200CD advice needed!


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Aug 10, 2019
I'm thinking of upgrading my CD player very soon - my current player is a worthy but past-it Marantz CD63SE. I currently have a new Rotel RA04SE amp and Monitor Audio BX2s, both of which I'm very impressed with.

I'm *very* tempted by the Audiolab 8200CD, both by the rave reviews and the DAC feature. Would this work with my current system? As a classical musician, I mainly listen to big orchestral works, organ/choral music and opera, and I'm looking for a player that delivers a huge amount of detail and precision plus a lot of warmth and colour. A DAC would be very useful but not absolutely essential.

A few reviewers have reported a few problems with the Audiolab reading CDs, which does concern me. Any more info or advice gratefully received, along with possible alternatives to the Audiolab if it wouldn't work.

Thanks for your help!



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Feb 20, 2011
This should work fine and you should clearly hear a difference mainly because of the dac.The BX2 are wonderfull speakers for the money but i believe youd need better speakers to hear the full potential.IMO i would do first an audition if the upgrade is worth the money in combination with the BX2.

I had to rma my Audiolab because of reading errors,should arrive in the next few days.


I wouldn't use the words warmth and colour to describe the CD player's character (more "neutral"?), but yes if you want detailed and revealing I think the Audiolab is absolutely fantastic. I don't listen to much classical but I would guess that the sound stage would be a very impressive feature.

I did have read errors initially and had to send the unit back for a firmware upgrade but this was all sorted out pretty quickly and it's been working perfectly since then. I could be wrong but I imagine any new units will have the latest firmware so hopefully this wouldn't be an issue.

Incidentally, as of Saturday I have the CD player paired with the 8200A integrated amp and I'm absolutely delighted with the combination.


Thanks for the advice - much appreciated. I'm auditioning the Audiolab tomorrow (with the Rotel amp/BX2s) at Sevenoaks tomorrow


P.S. Auditioned the Audiolab today and was deeply impressed. I heard things on my CDs that I've never heard before! The sound with the Rotel amp and BX2s is really exciting and engaging, pure but never clinical, colourful and incredibly detailed. I also auditioned a Musical Fidelity player (not sure about the model) which was priced at £1k but was ex-demo at £750, and while it wasn't a bad sound, the Audiolab was far better with the Rotel/MA combo. Audiolab duly ordered!

Sevenoaks say that they've sold several 8200CDs within the last month and no reading errors reported (new models have the firmware update) so all should be well.

Thanks again for your advice-much appreciated.


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Heard the Audiolab a few weeks ago (albeit briefly) and it sems a very accomplished player. However, it may well be a slight overkill for your Rotel - also unsure the tonal balance will be between the two.

Please do audition the Audiolab, alongside Arcams FMJ CD17. I know from personal experience that Arcam/Rotel/MA = sonic dreamland.



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