Audio AC purifiers and quality power cables.


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Jun 13, 2023
Hello all. I'm trying to find out whether high quality power leads for a Meridian CD player ie the "kettle type" power lead, are a worth while investment or not and also whether audio AC power purifier/cleaner, noise filters are worthwhile. Does anyone here have any experience or opinions on such matters? Any advice would be most appreciated l.


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Jan 21, 2022
If you live in a country with a reasonably stable mains power supply my opinion would be save your money and spend it on more music. I'm definitely not in the "cables make a difference" camp, but your money so your choice (y)
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Mar 26, 2021
I have lived for about 5 years in both an Asian and a South American country in which there were “hickups” in power from time to time. Visible in flickering lights and short power outs. I also guess this is a topic in many US states.

In those situations it is a must to invest in decent power management gear (not the purifier or other marketing stuff) that make sure that you can continue listening or to prevent that stuff gets damaged (I think class A stuff is quite delicate with these peaks, so limiting them is probably a must).

In most Western European countries using this stuff is more of a belief over functionality, though marketeers really want to fuel that belief. So I agree with WayneKerr here.
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Jul 22, 2023
As some of you know I've had electrical issues for some time after much investigation I'm in the process of getting a grid supply voltage recorder fitted today as some of my equipment was fried due to intermittent over voltage.

I had to prove the fault myself as the grid weren't interested in investigating until it was brought to their attention by an electrician.

Only after 2 amps and a TV power supplies failed did I investigate with sporadic metering from the outlets after a plug tester kept randomly failing then test fine.

It was the socket tester that pointed to a supply problem hence I started metering the voltage and recording it myself.
It's over the 15% margin every few days and the grid just weren't acting fast enough instead telling me that anything damaged would be replaced now a problem has been identified.

I nearly past out at the their disregard for safety and lack of care.

After nearly a month they are coming today with a voltage recorder to fit but I've already fitted my own under/over voltage regulators on the outlets and surge protectors.

From all that the advice I would give anybody is fit surge protectors which are cheap and readily available.
They might save your equipment.
Unfortunately they are usually to slow to react but it still gives piece of mind.

From what I was told by the grid over voltage is more common than you might think.
The over demand on the voltage recording equipment is the reason they've taken so long to come out and fit one.

To be honest for 34.99 a set of 3 voltage regulators that cut off with anything under/over the set margin isn't much.
It would if saved me 2 expensive amps and curved TV.


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