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Arcam SA30 & Samsung QLED ARC issue

Aug 18, 2020
Hello everyone,

I've had many difficulties to activate (e)ARC on an ARCAM SA30 in combination with a Samsung QLED Q95T (same as Q90T but with One Connect Box)

To help you when first installing your new amplifier, here you are the best settings I've found so far:

First in the amplifier :
- TV Audio & TV Power (audio settings) : AUTO
- NET STANDBY (network settings) : ON
- TIMEOUT (System settings): OFF

Then in the TV :
- Amplifier on HDMI 3 (the only eARC) entry
- Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) : ON
- HDMI-eARC mode: OFF (the amplifier is advertised as beeing compliant bu if I turn it ON, the sound cuts when changing track in music apps on the TV)
- Digital Output Audio : PCM

Then power off (unplug power cord and HDMI) both devices during 10 minutes.
This will help to prepare the TV for the new HDMI discovery at startup.

Power then the amplifier and then only when the amplifier is completely initiated, plug and turn on the TV.

In this condition and with the latest firmwares (v521 for amplifier and 1034 for TV) ARC works but the amplifier turns the TV OFF but not ON.
Each time I use the TV, I need to "manually" power on the amplifier (with the remote or the app) and then select HDMI receiver again in the TV menu,
which triggers the auto switch to the HDMI 3 source... which I have to change again.

If anyone has an idea on how to solve this last "ARC Power ON" issue, you are very welcome.

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