Arcam is working with WD NAS - usually


Mar 6, 2021
Bought a beautiful new Arcam CDS50 SACD player and streamer - then spent about two weeks getting it to work with our WD2100 NAS. All the support and posts I saw online talked about how minimal the instruction manual was, and the limited support options. It's working now, and it sounds sweet, amazing sound, worth the trouble, thankful to have it. But the setup was rough, and I'm still not sure I know what's going on. For the benefit of other comers, here were my steps:

- Wired ethernet connection, CDS50 and NAS both plugged into the same switch.
- Login to WD NAS > Apps > Install Twonky Server
- Open Twonky Server App > add the shared music folder
- In Twonky > Music Tab - I had to turn the Queue button so that it would play more than one song at a time.
- Cleaned up my music files folders ... this was a big deal, but I've been wanting to do it anyway.
- Let it all percolate for a while, while it scans the drive and loads the server, something like a half-hour for my library.
- Install Arcam MusicLife app on phone > make sure the source is the NAS and the output is the CDS50.
- Select music by folder. This works because all the file folders are nice and organized. The artist and album finders are still a mess in my library, so I don't bother.

So - this seems to work, and when it works, it sounds amazing and feels convenient. It's still not perfect - sometimes the queue sets its own rules.
I can also get where I'm going with the remote on the unit, but it's a little clumsy also, and seems to default to playing tracks alphabetically. The app seems a little smarter.

Hope this helps somebody else. Tell me if there's a more direct route to the music!

Vincent Kars

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Mar 6, 2021
Tell me if there's a more direct route to the music!
What you describe is more or less what streaming using UPnP is about.
You do have to configure a server (the NAS)
You must have a control point (an app or the interface of the streamer)
You must have a renderer (The Arcam)

Once configured right it will work.
You can add another streamer.
You might try another app e.g. BubbleUPnP

If you want to simplify:
direct playback using the Arcam with a USB HD attached to it.
Laptop pulling the music from local HD or NAS using file sharing connected to a USB DAC.

Anyway, you got it working
The Arcam manual reminds me of "How to play the flute" by Monty Python.
"Blow at the right end and move your fingers up and down".


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