anyone using onkyo cd players


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Aug 10, 2019
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i really like the look of the onkyo c7070 cd player but can,t find many reviews and its not reviewed in what anyone using one and what is the views on onkyo cd or sacd players


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Onkyo make solid and very good 2 channel kit. I've not heard the model you mention but Dad uses a lower range Onkyo CD player and it is excellent. My only real concern is whether it is actually worth paying all that extra for the higher range models these days. Perhaps better to buy a decent entry level disc spinner and an external DAC that will give you more flexibility if/when you explore streaming.

SACD is niche. It is still reasonably healthy in the classical world but releases are few and far between in rock/pop music and I've generally found SACD drives are noisier than standard red book drives.


With there top end cd players you do seem to get a lot of cd player for the cash.and the sacd player looks interesting.but there is a lack of reviews out there for them


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