Any decent 40V3000 or 40D3500 Reviews?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Thinking about getting one of these Sonys and was just wondering if there are any good reviews out there on the web? Found one, but it didn't look genuine to be honest - as there were no pics of the TV except for the one you get in sales lit! I went into the local Sony Centre and asked them to hook up the same blu ray player to both... Really wasn't much in the quality at all, and I prefer the styling of the D3500 to be honest... plus it's a brand new model so there's 'bound' to be some improvements? On spec the V model has 500 brightness whereas the D has 450, but really couldn't notice the difference on that front. Both have the wider gamuts. Any know of any good reviews of these? Anyone had first hand experience of them? I'm leaning more towards the D3500 at the mo...



I am in a similar situation as yourself, am very seriously considering buying the Sony
KDL-40D3500, but have found it difficult to find any comprehensive reviews or
comments from people who have bought it. Here's what I have found, hope it is
of some help to you. (I haven't looked at the v3000 at all, sorry...)

1) A review
from (link below). It only gives 7/10 for picture quality
and blames too much motion blur for this. It also doesn't rave about the
styling, but that wouldn't deter me in the slightest as I've sent he TV in a
few stores and it's stylish enough for me.

2) A thread on another site. (hope it's ok to put a link to a different forum in here.)This
does go off the subject a little and goes on about a particular retailer (which
is interesting reading also), but there are plenty of comments reg the TV also.
It also touches on the motion blur issue, and all replies have said this isn't
much of an issue and it tends to fade with time as the TV gets more usage.

http://www.another site/forums/showthread.php?t=705122.

From what I've
read and seen myself, I think the TV will more than meet my needs and I've
pretty much made my decision now. Im in the Rep of Ireland and there isn't as
much choice of retailers here, but the local sony centres are promoting the
D3500 at the moment and have dropped it by ?150. The next step up (from Sony)
would be the W3000, but for me it's not worth the extra ?450 - ?500.

If you find
any more info on it yourself I'd be grateful if you'd share it with me as it'll
be next week by the time I'll be actually going ahead with the purchase.


Er... Just reading my own reply and the other forum mentioned in 2) has been auto replaced by "another site", as has the URL. Obviously I'm not supposed to mention the other site, but if you google "/forums/showthread.php?t=705122" you'll find it (Sorry WhatHIFI, I'm new to your forum....)


the only main difference is the exta HDMI input on the KDL40V3000 whereas the KDL40D3500 only has 2.. with a difference of 50 in brightness, in my opinion thats not something to base your decision on its mostly the style of it unless you need the extra HDMI input.


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