Question Anthem MRX 540 & Genesis


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Mar 6, 2013
I have been pondering an upgrade of my MRX 520 for some time but recently received the following from Anthem:

We are pleased to announce the release of ARC Genesis Beta Version 1.6.1, including the newly developed Anthem Auto Phase, Distance, and Time Alignment for up to four independent subwoofers on the MRX x40 and AVM 70/90 (model dependent), adding to the capabilities and further refining the already outstanding performance of ARC. With the addition of phase, distance, and time alignment, ARC:G will now precisely integrate subwoofers into your system for the ultimate immersive listening experience.

I do not want anything more than 5.1 so would be buying the 540 but am interested in your views of the additions to the ARC Genesis and, why Genesis did not precisely integrate before!!
ARC Genesis was introduced with the new receivers, and like those receivers, the full feature set wasn’t available from day one. A number of software updates over a period of time were stated. Spotify a connect has recently been added, and Roon will also be coming too.

As far as time alignment was concerned, it was a case of manually inputting distances before running ARC, which I believe is stated in the instructions.