Amplifier power outputs and speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
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I need some advice on matching speakers to amplifiers - I think the questions are pretty straight forward but despite much research on the net I haven't managed to find a simple answer.

First, I have just bought an Onkyo CR515. It says it is 4 ohms impedance and power output of 52 watts. I already have an old pair of Celestion 6 speakers that are 8 ohms and say they can cope with power output of 10 - 100 watts. Could I use the speakers with this system or would they be too much for it?

Secondly, I also have an old Arcam Alpha 5 amplifier which is currently running the Celestion speakers (they are too large for the room they are in which is why I want to swap them). The Onkyo came with two speakers which say they are 4 ohms impedence and maximum 70 watt output. The amplifier handbook says it has power output of 40w both channels into 8 ohms or 80w one channel into 4 ohms. It doesn't say anyting about two channels into 4 ohms. Is a single pair of stereo speakers one channel or two? And so would I be able to use the Onkyo speakers with the Arcam amp? (until I have enough money to get a better pair of speakers to replace the Celestion ones.) Would there be any risk of damage to either the amp or speakers?

In case it's relevant I normally listen to classical / jazz music and not particularly loud.

Any advice would be very welcome.