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My basic question is what amp would I need to buy to get a significantly improved sound quality with my current speakers. Or, am I already pretty much maxed out?

Currently I have:

Sony 3500ES AVR

Kef iQ50 fronts

Kef iQ60C centre

Kef iQ10 rears

I mainly use my system for films, tv and gaming, via a Sony BDP-S370, a custom built Media Center PC, Xbox 360, and Freeview HD. I also have a Denon CD player connected, but that doesn't get used much anymore.

I am pretty happy with the set-up overall, and I am only thinking of upgrading as I want a second amp for another room. So wondering whether to move the Sony 3500ES into there and buy a better one for the main lounge, around £500 - £600. Or, just buy a budget AV Amp for the second room for £200.

Any thoughts or advice much appreciated




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Aug 21, 2009
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Hi Lisa, and welcome to forum.

I'm familiar with the Kef IQ range, having owned some of them for a couple of years. They are neutral and detailed sounding speakers that (imo) need a slightly warmer sounding amp.

They sound great with Arcam (I had an AVR350), but the AVR400 may be out of budget, though it has a £400 trade in offer at the moment:

If the Arcam is a non starter, I would look at brands like Denon, Marantz and Yamaha, as they are on the warmer side. As to which, I'll let others advise, as I'm not so familiar with specific models.

Whatever you decide, try and hear it with your speakers before spending any money.



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Thanks for the reply Cno.

I have now done a lot more research. The Arcam amps are out of budget, even with the £400 off!
But I have read lots of good things about Yamaha amps and their DSP technology working well with the Kef iQ range.
I have got my eye on the brand new Yamaha Aventage range, I may hold off until the New Year and see if the prices drop a little.

I am not sure which model I should go for though that would match my speakers best, they have the A810, A1010, A2010 and A3010. I don't want to waste money buying a higher spec model if the sound quality would not be improved due to my speakers already being maxed out?


Speaking in general, speakers of that quality will always improve with better equipment. The speakers are very transparent and not the easiest to drive, I expect you will still hear a difference between the two top models of that line.

Once you get to a certain amplifier quality, the speakers will no longer show the best the amp can bring, but that still doesn't mean they won't improve with better amplification. But if I'd have to guess, you won't hit that limit until you start looking at stereo amps around 2000 pounds (MF m6 series comes to mind).

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Thankyou! Looks like I will be dictated by budget then. :)


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