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Aug 10, 2019

I am new to this and not fully up to speed with the correct termonology.

I have installed a background music system in my restraunt.

It works for 15 mins or so then starts crackling. When I turn off thew CD player, these noises continue. It would seem the amp is at fault - its brand new.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am using 100v line with 4 speakers.

One idea I have is that I have the polarity wrong. I have kept it connsistent throughout. However, at the speakrs, the positive cable comes from the speaker and into a resister/coil. However, the positive now becomes black/ negative. Is this a mistake? Would it make any difference?

Sorry for the terrible working and lack of termonology. If I need to give any more information then please give me a shout.

Thanks a million.

Hi Revit, welcome to the forum.

I am somewhat confused as to how you have your system connected up.

What is 100v line?

Why are cables going into a resistor / coil?

I suggest you disconnect all speakers and then connect just 2 directly into the back of the amplifier as per the instruction manual.

After you have done this do you still have the same problem?


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Hi Gordon

Like alears I am puzzled about the "100v line" reference. However, polarity issues NEVER cause crackles - period!

What gear are you using, and does the supplier offer any help?


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Aug 21, 2010
Any particular reason you chose a 100v line system when your only running 4 speakers?

100v line systems are usually installed in places like shopping malls to connect lots of speakers together over very large distances to one speaker cable.

I suppose any one of the output transformers could be responsible for noise in the line system.

check all your connections are good and maybe try a elimination process.

Start by trying the system with just the first speaker connected and see if the crackling persists, and then work through to speaker 2, 3 and 4.

If the crackling is still there using only 1 speaker it could be the 1st transformer or the amp.

Hope this is of some help to you.


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