Airport Express Alternatives?

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Sep 20, 2016
Yamaha WXC-50 is the answer if all you need is audio streaming. Of course not a receiver as it won't accept video. Sure, at about three times the cost of AEX it's not a straightforward alternative. Considering all extra functionality as long as you need a one box solution it is good value.

Saying that I had some issues with Airplay. I put it down to poor wifi signal and upgraded the antenna on Yamaha at an astonishing cost of £8 :) Having used it for two hours yesterday I haven't noticed one issue. Sure more testing is needed but signs are good.

One thing that bothers me with Tidal via Airplay is that it won't do gapless playback. Spotify is superior with their connect in that regard.


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May 30, 2012
Thanks all. I'm trying to use the wifi as little as possible and make use of the wired network that the NAS sits on. Does anyone have a Sonos Connect?

This on paper looks like what I'm after. Would mean leaving itunes software for playing the music but the Sonos app has scrobbling which I currently use. Anyone moved from iTunes software to Sonos? Be interesting to know if the Sonos software is good.


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