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Aug 6, 2016

Juist joined, and am looking for advice for replacement system.

Started (many years ago - early 1980s!) with a Rotel amp, linked to Technics SL20 tuntable, Kef Corelli speakers and a tuner (can't remember). The amp and tuner eventually died, and replaced system with a Cambridge Audio Sonata mini system,still linked to the Kef speakers.

Now the DAB on the Sonata has died - FM and CD still work,. DAB started sounding like it was "nearly" tuned for about half an hour before it finally sounded ok, but now can't pick up any DAB signal. I got the local aerial man to check signal and he says dipole aerial is perfectly aligned - have to use external aerial where we live.

Looking for replacement system - needs to be small, and would like to be able to use turntable again, and keep using the Kef speakers which are still good, so am considering the Onkyo PHA1045, which seems to tick all the boxes.

What do people think about this as a choice, or is there another system that could be considered?

As you can guess I am not an audiophile - just want better quality than you get from boxes from the likes of PCWorld.



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Welcome Roger,

On the face of it, that Onkyo you mention looks the more serious hi-fi proposition, not least because it has more than twice the (quoted) output of the Denon. But I bought an M40 for my brother, so had a chance to play with it for about a week.

Even using less than perfect speakers, I was impressed by the performance. It does have a line input though that would of course mean a phono preamp would be needed for your turntable.

Otherwise the facilities look similar, including USB FLAC file playback and DAB /FM tuners for your aerial. (Unlike some, the M40 uses a single aerial socket for both)

Normally £249 without speakers, if it's still on offer for the £179 I paid, I don't think you'd be disappointed. You could still use your Kefs and when compared with the Onkyo price, you'd have money over for a phono preamp. Ideally you could hear both and compare them.


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