Advice please! Cyrus CD, Roksan Amp, Neat Motive Speakers.


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Aug 10, 2019
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these are the components in my systems:

Cyrus Dad3 cd player with Q module.
Roksan Kandy KA-1 Amp
Neat Motive 3 Speakers
Partingdon SuperDreadnought Stand
Van Den Hul The Name RCA Interconnect
Quad Silver Anniversary Bi Wire Speaker Cable

Each of them owns some very good reviews but they don't seem to produce the best sound when they are put together. The system can deliver some fantastic dynamics, deep solid bass and a lot of excitement. It attacks extremely fast as well. But perhaps because the three brands (cyrus, roksan, neat ) all have a reputation of producing fast, dynamic and lean sound, I do find that 80% of time the system appears to be too lean to my ear (For example, the mid range lacks a bit of richness or thickness, highs can be quite sharp occasionally). Although I have heard some great mid range and highs from the system, it only seems to happen when the music source are extremely well recorded.

Does anyone have some advice? If I would like to replace one of the main components to add a bit of richness, warmth without giving up other positive points about the systems, which one do you think would be?

I am currently thinking that the Roksan (mine is not the mkIII) might be the main factor that causes the excessive lean sound. The neat speakers could also contribute to the type of sound as well. However, I do like these little Neat speakers and I have belief in them that they could produce all sorts of sound. I heard that they are best to be partnered with Naims. But I don't know how true this is.


Home demo a Naim Nait 5i. From everything I know, this will sort out the mids but will maintain the sound I think you like. I'd almost put money on this solving it...


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