Advice on new av receiver & speakers for revamped system


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Aug 10, 2019
I have recently purchased a PS3 and a Sony KDL32D3000 lcd Tv. These have replaced my ageing TV and my Sony DVD player.

I also currently have an old Yamaha AV receiver RX-V420RDS and supplied 5.1 speaker package. This I wish to replace very soon however, I am now somewhat confused with the technology now available.

I will be using my PS3 for all DVD/BRD playback, utilising the DVD upscaling and the 24fps for BRD although I understand I can only do this with a suitable AV receiver. In addition I use the CD player and MP3 for music.

Can you suggest a suitable receiver and speakers to get the most from this system, i.e. good audio for movies and music, I would like to utilise the SACD playback as well.

I have it set up in a typical family room (13' x 13' with bay) so speaker size is a slight issue.

Budget would be upto about the £1500ish mark but not if it does not need to be.

Your expert advice would be much appreciated.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
At the risk of getting predictable, Onkyo TX-SR605 (£400) and Q Acoustics 1010 5.1 (£500) looks like the way to go here.


Wow that was quick!


Is it true that I can only utilise the 24fps BRD playback of the PS3 and the KDLD3000 lcd if they are rigged upto a suitable av receiver?

I forgot to mention I also have Sky HD, I guess the system recommended is still the same though.

The Onkyo does look impressive, I notice you have recommended it many times, I guess you're due some comission from thier no doubt increased sales :)


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