Advice Needed On TT and PreAmp


Dec 21, 2020
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Hi Folks,
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Having spent the best part of this year working from home I have rediscovered my music and have moved away from streaming. My current set-up is:
Marantz PM6007 Integrated Amp
Marantz CD6007 CD Player
Monitor Audio Bronze 50 Speakers
Audio Technica LP120XUSB Turntable
The question I have is:
I am looking to improve the sound of vinyl and am thinking of upgrading the Turntable to a Project Carbon Evo Turntable with a much better stylus - In order to improve the sound would it be worthwhile in investing in a new preamp for use with Marantz amp? Would this setup work? Would you ahve any recommendations? I have a budget of €1000 for the preamp and turntable.
Many thanks for your help.

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Personally, I'd spend the money on the best turntable and cartridge you can get. The phono-stage in the Marantz is quite a decent one, it can be bettered but will probably gobble-up most of your budget leaving very little to spend on a turntable upgrade.
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