Advice Needed- matching speakers to system


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, I am a relative newcomer to all this and have decided (now budget allows) to update my system and need some advice.

I have (when it arrives) the Onkyo 905, RS6 speakers at the front, KEF at the rear (not sure which ones), and KEF 2001 for the sides. The centre speaker is by Celestion (not sure which model). I have heard that ideally speakers should be the same, or matched for the system so I am concerned at the mixture. Why is it so important? I intend to listen to both music and movies in equal proportion.

I probably have about £200 to spend so wondered whether I should upgrade the centre (mabe the monitor audio rs-lcr) or sort the rears. I have also upgraded the cable to QED silver anniversary.

Thanks in advance.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Having speakers from the same brand and range ensures an even tonality, so that sound moving from one speaker to another - for example as a vehicle crosses the screen - will do so smoothly and without an obvious 'handover' from one speaker to the other.

Ideally you should have the same speakers - or at least speakers from the same range - all round the room, but I think you'll do fine with the RS6s and RS LCR across the front, and the KEFs for the surrounds and back speakers. If the unknown KEFs are larger than the 2001s, use them for the surrounds, with the 2001s on the back channels.


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