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Dec 3, 2021
Wow! Playing my digital music files from my HP 410-010 via Windows Media Player for windows 10. I find that the vocal channel is way too soft and is overshadowed by the instrumental accompaniment channel. This imbalance is not present on the CD. It also plays correctly on the computer audio. How can I boost one channel (in stereo) louder on the Denon audio?

I am using the Presonus audiobox itwo as an external DAC. moving the knobs seems to have no effect.

I'm running the signal into my Denon AVR3200, which has a sophisticated speaker balance option, but not one that is easy to adjust for each album I'm listening to.

Any and all advice appreciated. thanks in advance


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You're over complicating things a bit there with your setup Dougie.
Most of us here like to keep things simple....with good reason (y)

Between them it sounds like your Presonus and PC are doing some unwanted processing (have a look in the Windows sound settings for what it might be doing) - and that's before you start playing about with Denon trickery :confused:

Do yourself a favour and keep things simple boy.
(Go back and look at some suggestions on the other thread).
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