Question Adding stereo amplifier to Yamaha RX-A2060


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Jan 19, 2020
Dear all,

Having bought a Yamaha RX-A2060 a few years ago, i have never been satisfied with the stereo sound on my Elac speakers. I have tried all actions i could think about to improve this, but am unable to.

Iam thinking about adding a Marantz PM8006 to my set-up to (hopefully) improve this.

I have the following questions for which it would be very gratefull if you could give me your advice:
1) What do you think about this idea in general?
2) As the Marantz does not have streaming capabilities, the Yamaha will supply the streaming. And through the pre-outs on the Yamaha, i will connect the Marantz on which the front speakers are connected. How will this use the sound quality of the Marantz? Will the pre-outs automatically disable the circuits of the Yamaha or something? And send the audio unprocessed to the Marantz?
3) How does volume control for the front speakers in combination with the rest of the speakers work when listening to surround? Won't i have the issue of having to align the volume of the fronts on the Marantz with the rest of the speakers which will remain connected to the Yamaha?

Hopefully my questions are not too cryptic, if iam unclear, please let me know.

Your reaction will be very much appreciated, so thank you in advance,


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