Adding some bass to a portable system


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm not sure if what I'm asking for is possible or exists, but I thought I'd try asking here :)

Hi, I recently invested in some expensive small speakers. Basically I lug my computer etc. around to uni, and then from uni to placements often. I'm annoyed with having to take my hifi everywhere, so I got these 2.0 speakers. I really love them, but what would be nice would be if I could get hold of a simple subwoofer that I could put between the 2.0 speakers (they use a single pronged headphone-like cable) so I can use these same speakers everywhere, and just add a sub if I need it.

A real nice sub would be great, I don't want something cheap. Do you guys know of anything suitable? I guess I'm looking in the £100-250 range.

Many thanks guys!


Why not just get a nice, quality 2.0 system such as the Logitech Z-10? Plenty of bass there and not horrid, detached pc subwoofer bass either! They're the nicest mp3 player/pc speakers I've ever heard. I went through the mill several months ago testing pc speakers and ended up buying a pair myself.


I got given a pair of Bose Music Monitors. They are just incredible for their size, and the base is totally adequate for music etc., but it'd just be nice to add a sub for action films and computer games for the computer. The Bose Music Monitors are perfect for me, they're so so small, but it'd just be nice if I could get a sub to go with them so when I'm at home etc. I can get that extra load of bass from FPSs and explosions in films!


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